Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are You Serious?

Why is our federal government subsidizing Imam Rauf's books and trips to Europe? He has been exposed as a slum lord and yet the federal government and city of New York are poised to entrust him with millions of federal dollars. He has blamed the U.S. for "creating Osama Bin Laden" and has even blamed us for 9/11 itself. He refuses to denounce Hamas, a universally recognized terrorist organization.

This is more than an intelligence gaffe on our part. It's bigger than President Obama's usual naivete in thinking he can build bridges reaching terrorist entities who hate us. Our government, more specifically liberals and progressives within our government, are standing behind this man. This is outrageous and completely unacceptable.

Imam Rauf has deliberately hidden information about funding for the NYC mosque, and he is clearly untrustworthy. There is no reasonable defense for this man, yet our current leaders are not just defending him but actually standing beside him. The Obama administration has aligned itself with an obvious terrorist sympathizer at best and at least a Muslim extremist.

As citizens of this great country, is this what we want from our leader and his administration? He has split allegiances. That's right -- split. Can you seriously say with any confidence that President Obama is for America over-against all others?

You may or may not agree with the policies of any particular president, but Bush I & II, Clinton, Reagan and even Carter at the very least made America's interests their highest priority. Can you say the same for Obama? If you can, you just may be delusional.

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