Friday, August 6, 2010

Let The Japanese Mourn Their Own

For the first time ever the U.S. government has sent an ambassador to take part in a memorial in Hiroshima, Japan. This ceremony exists to honor the Japanese killed in WWII when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. There's a reason we've never participated in this ceremony before. We have nothing to apologize for!

Although the 140,000 death toll is tragic and awful, many experts agree that casualties would have been much higher had we continued fighting conventionally. One of the reasons for this was Japan's stubborn refusal to surrender when they had obviously lost the war. The Japanese government itself can be blamed for untold Japanese deaths. Conventional fighting would have resulted in many more American deaths, also.

I don't know if any Japanese envoys/ambassadors have ever taken part in Pearl Harbor memorials, but if not they had better step up now. Our fight against Japan began as a result of a cowardly sneak attack from Japan. It has been well-established that the Japanese military fought savagely and brutally, regularly mistreating its prisoners and even commanding its own people to commit suicide.

America has no place at a Hiroshima memorial ceremony. It is, of course, appropriate to remember the dead, and even strive for a nuclear-free world. But the ceremony itself held the air of Japanese victimhood and American immorality and brutishness. Lots of talk about never using nukes again, but nothing about pre-emptive sneak attacks. No acceptance of responsibility. Nothing about declaring war before attacking, not after. The gist is that America is evil for using nukes on poor Japan. That attitude is the last thing we should put up with and the very reason no American ambassador should be there.

Additionally, I don't agree that nuclear weapons should be eliminated. Why did we have to drop the second bomb? Because killing 140,000 Japanese in the first explosion still wasn't enough to convince Japanese leadership to surrender. They would have gladly endured a protracted war until the last Japanese citizen died for his country. Stupid! Arrogant! Irresponsible!

Once again, President Obama has shown his contempt for America in sending an envoy to Japan. How inappropriate; how insensitive, not only to those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, but for all those who fought a lengthy and brutal war with Japan. The Japanese need to take a sober look in the mirror. Don't hold your breath waiting, however, you're likely to hear an official apology from Obama before hearing the Japanese admit they were at fault.

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