Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Israel vs. Iran, part 2

Have you noticed the gradual isolation happening to two different countries? Our government has systematically distanced itself from Israel, while throwing bones to Islamic countries. President Obama snubbed Israel's leader; he's done nothing to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons; Iran is only days away from being nuclear capable and our president is busy campaigning somewhere.

How can President Obama embark on the campaign trail while Iran puts finishing touches on nuclear capability? Iran has many times threatened Israel's extinction, and they are about to obtain the ability to make good on that threat.

An Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities could spark World War III; likewise, an Iranian attack against Israel could do the same.

As President Obama builds relationships with Islamic countries, and continues to apologize for America's behavior, those same countries are becoming ever more bold in their aggression. And Israel is increasingly isolated.

Meanwhile, President Obama, and to be fair former President Bush also, has not addressed the increasingly brazen presence of Hezbollah and Hamas in South America. He's ignored overwhelming evidence that the American people want the border sealed. To believe that no Islamic terrorists have smuggled across our southern border is akin to believing the Earth is flat. We have terrorists in our country, and by ignoring the illegal immigration problem we have made it easy for these people to kill American citizens. When this happens, there will be blood on the hands of every president, and his administration, extending at least as far as Reagan.

President Obama has allowed the isolation of Israel. Should Israel be attacked, I'm no longer confident that we will come to her aid. Additionally, Obama is allowing America to be isolated also. We are being closed in by people who hate us. Despite the every increasing danger both America and Israel face, President Obama apparently thinks campaigning is more important.

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