Thursday, August 5, 2010's bush's fault?

President Obama's penchant for blaming former president George W. Bush for everything negative in America has long ago grown old. And really, George Bush has been out of office for quite some time. President Obama is happy to take credit for anything he deems positive; apparently Mr. Bush has done nothing positive at all, however. Well, let's take a look at just a few items:

1) Unemployment - The average unemployment rate during the Bush administration was 5.3% compared to Obama's approximate 8.8%.

2) Terrorism - During Bush's term, no terrorist acts occurred on U.S. soil. During Obama's term there have been several.

3) Jobs - Obama has so far lost more jobs than any president since Hoover. Bush's first term had marginal job loss, then in his second term he added jobs.

4) Illegal Immigration - Neither president sports a good record here, but President Obama has gone so far as to shut down one state's (Arizona) effort to protect itself from illegal immigration . This despite the fact that Arizona's new illegal immigration law goes no further than federal law itself. President Obama has, by fighting Arizona's ability to protect itself, confirmed he intends to do nothing to protect the U.S. from a huge influx of illegal immigrants.

5) Taxes - President Bush cut taxes. President Obama intends to overturn the "Bush tax cuts," which have been law for nearly ten years.

6) Liberty - Bush allowed federal phone tapping to ferret out potential terrorists. President Obama is forcing all Americans to buy insurance or face financial penalty; he is proposing to force every American to report his/her Body Mass Index (BMI); despite promises to the contrary, President Obama is forcing every tax payer to help pay for abortions; he has admitted to being a proponent of wealth distribution, and in some ways has already implemented this ideology.

7) Patriotism - President Bush immediately reacted to 9/11 by bringing U.S. military might to bear on those who intend us harm. President Obama has attended a ceremony in Japan marking the dropping of the atomic bomb by the U.S. in WWII. He has failed to stand up to Iran, and has publicly disrespected the leader of one of our staunchest allies, Israel. President Obama continues to apologize for America's behavior around the globe, while refusing to recognize the tyranny associated with Islamic countries and organizations. He vacationed instead of attending a Memorial Day service at Arlington Cemetery and he went on "The View" instead of honoring the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts.

President Bush has never uttered a word of blame toward President Obama, while Mr. Obama has spent his entire term blaming Bush for everything from the economy to rough toilet paper in the White House.

The Obama administration is incompetent at best, and possibly evil. The president has no regard for the U.S. Constitution, no economic skill or knowledge. He's flailing in a job that is way over his head. His arrogance is monumental and bordering on narcissism. He's the biggest spender this country has ever seen, and while the country buckles under this irresponsible and immoral frittering, he and his wife have been taking lavish vacations at the expense of suffering constituents.

Recently he spoke to the Ford Motor Company, ostensibly to congratulate them on turning a profit during this recession. He recognized Ford's accomplishment, which they managed without taking any bailout money. Then, he tried to take credit for Ford's success by claiming that, "without the bailout of GM and Chrysler, Ford would not have succeeded." He said that if GM and Chrysler had gone under, they would have forced many of Ford's suppliers to fail, which would have then caused Ford to fail.

Essentially, President Obama said that if Ford's competitors had gone out of business Ford would have followed. Think about that one for a moment: If your largest competitors go out of business, what do you think would happen to your own business? It would boom, that's what would happen! That would be every business person's dream. Somehow, our president isn't smart enough to figure this out.

If you're a person who still believes in this president, I don't know what to say. His policies are horrible and he's ruining this country. If you don't see this then you must be either blind, or blinded by your own pride.


  1. attacks? forget 9/11?

  2. Well, obviously 9/11 was on Bush's watch, but equally obvious is that this discussion pertains to whatever happened after that attack.