Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All hail Arizona!

What do you call hundreds of thousands of people illegally entering our country, using our resources and sometimes committing additional crimes? I call it an invading force.

What do you call a federal government whose utter failure to secure our borders has made this invasion an almost inevitable reality? I call it incompetent at best. With really only two major jobs to do, protect us and fix our roads, the current government has solidified itself as one of the poorest administrations we've seen.

Rising before the Obama government's immoral reluctance to deal with illegal immigration is one lone state: Arizona. Before Arizona flipped the bird to political correctness, the rest of us cowardly buckled from the sheer terror of being labeled racist. Arizona, however, has given this country enough room to grow a backbone. Thanks, Arizona, for the splash of cold water.

It's time to quash political correctness forever in favor of basic common sense. Those who try to blur the line between immigration and illegal immigration should be called out and held accountable. We have always been a country open to immigration; no country, however, is open to illegal immigration. There is a huge difference between these two terms; those who equate the two as synonymous are irresponsible at best.

We should jam the federal government's phone lines with complaints about its lawsuit against Arizona. The highest priority of the American government is to keep its citizens safe, yet if the Obama administration wins its lawsuit against Arizona it will actually advance the cause of illegal immigration and make us much less safe. Our safety is priority one. Priority one!

I don't need Obama's help to choose a doctor, nor do I need his help deciphering a proper diet for myself. President Obama said he would sign an executive order ensuring that my tax dollars would never pay for abortions; it disgusts me that he lied about this and is now taking my money and using it to kill children. He wants to force me to report my personal body fat! How is that his business? All I need is safety, and his administration is doing a crappy job protecting me. He's not interested in keeping us safe; he's interested in controlling our lives.

No other administration has come anywhere close to the control Obama is wresting from the American people. Does this not frighten you? Anger you? Disgust you? The American people are asleep at the wheel. We are so sure that a Hitler, Mao, Stalin could never rise to power here, meanwhile Obama is slowly taking our liberty from us one by one. Do you think any of the aforementioned "leaders" came to power by admitting they would kill a lot of their citizenry? No, they came full of promise and ideals, but they grabbed almost total control of their constituents' lives. The Obama administration is doing this same thing.

I'm not accusing President Obama of genocide, evil or even entertaining designs on dictatorship. He has admitted, however, to having the goal of wealth redistribution, and he is most definitely taking a number of our freedoms away from us. As for dictatorial designs, he has appointed how many "czars"? These appointments, most of them, are not subject to the will of the American people, nor are they subject to the scrutiny and approval of Congress. They are simply appointed by the president.

Nearly the only real assignment the government has is to protect us. Obama is not even trying to hide his antipathy toward this lofty but simple call. He is brazenly snubbing his nose at the very idea of protecting our borders, but he's certainly and arrogantly embracing a desire to control each of our lives.

You can either wake up, show up at the polls and kick this fool and his minions out, or you can remain ignorant, give up your liberties and join the Obama chorus in blaming George Bush.

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