Saturday, July 17, 2010

You're paying for abortions!

Also this week, it was revealed that under Obamacare, federal tax dollars will be funding abortions in Maryland.

Abortion is America's holocaust; now whether or not you are pro-life you will be paying for doctors to kill babies. This is a time for all of us to be in prayer, and it's a time all of us need to take action. Call your congressmen/women and let them know how you feel.

If our leaders cannot stand for the most basic human right, life itself, please explain to me how I can trust them to make any major decisions.


  1. Ahhhh...Ken...yes it is true we absolutely can not trust our political leaders to vote FOR life...they will (with some exception) always vote for what is expedient at the time....the great moral issues of our day are always a matter of the heart...sometimes we leave these matters to political means instead of realizing that maybe we (the church) have failed in changing hearts..or at least making that a priority...i think politically we sometimes vote for the lesser of two evils...but they are still both easy answer...but if we put our trust in political answers then we will indeed get what we deserve which is no answer at all...

  2. Well said, Jim. On some level I do believe we (in the church) have failed to effect heart change, although we have no real control to accomplish this anyway. I do think we have failed miserably in making life a priority. Some in the church are downright militant about it, which is often problematic. Yet others, however, have taken either a biblically liberal stance on abortion or else have decided it's a losing battle and have moved on to other issues.

    In my opinion abortion represents the largest holocaust in history, made worse of by its general and daily world-wide acceptance. It absolutely dwarfs every other difficult issue we have ever had. Take nuclear arms for instance. Unless there is a nuclear world war, nuclear weapons won't come anywhere close to killing the amount of people the U.S. alone has killed through abortion.

    Those of us who are pro-life talk about strategies for explaining our position, methods of peaceful protest and, for some, violence against abortionists themselves. Often we devise strategies we think will "work" instead of simply arguing that God himself is against it. That should be our number one point, yet we drop God from the argument because we're afraid people will reject us out of hand. We'll be looked at as religious kooks.

    To me, leaving God out of the argument is akin to being ashamed of the gospel. Yeah, it's not exactly the same, but there is absolutely no way to argue a pro-choice position from scripture. I think it's safe to say God hates abortion, and we ought not be embarrassed to say as much.

  3. Well said Ken....we're just a couple of good old boys aren't we?

    True we are probably just as powerless to change hearts as we are political comes down to the culture of death that permeates our society. I'm just saying we tend to depend too much on political solutions rather than put that effort into being salt and applying that salt to the world around us. Being an activist draws much more attention and makes a better headline than those who, for example, are serving pregnant, single mothers and giving them real alternatives to abortion. So it might be interesting to not only hear those who are so vocal but also see if they are putting feet to their words...i have a feeling many would be weighed in the balance and found wanting....Jim

  4. Yeah, I think you're probably right about that. How will we ever know? I don't know. There are some Christian alternatives to abortion available to young women, but of course there could always be more. Not only that, but maybe the church should think about shifting priorities a little. We are gung ho, for instance, about sending folks to help with disasters like Haiti. That's an obviously good cause, but when one stops and thinks about the sheer human loss associated with abortion, how could there possibly be anything more important?