Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watch out for the fat police!

I just discovered that the Obama administration is going to "monitor obesity." Whose obesity? Why yours and mine, that's whose!

According to a Fox News report on July 17, the federal government is going to demand obesity rankings for all citizens by 2014. Does this sound like "change you can believe in"? It doesn't to me. Rather, it sounds like federal control over individual lives. Or, put another way -- you cannot be trusted to feed yourselves properly, so the government will decide for you. That glub glub glub sound you just heard was yet another of your individual rights circling the drain. Will you do something about it, or will you blithely bid it adieu?

The outrage over this issue is shocking in its peaceful tranquility! Are we a gaggle of frogs warming in a pan? This administration has in less than two years told us we are too incompetent to choose our own doctor, too impulsive to handle our own retirement money and now too daft to feed ourselves. Meanwhile many of us would rather cling to personal pride than admit that electing Barack Obama was a horrible mistake.

Wake up! If you think there is any evil under the sun that simply cannot happen here in America, you are delusional.


  1. Yeah, John showed me an article about that today! Remember in November!