Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama's win is America's loss!

Today our government's unwillingness to protect our borders from illegal aliens, some of whom are drug dealers, murderers and terrorists, has been etched in stone via the court. The Obama administration has won its suit against the state of Arizona, thus paving the way for illegal aliens to stroll into our country, fleece our resources and spit on our constitution.

Arizona employs the only government entity willing to take a stand against brazen illegal immigration. The job of protecting us from invasion belongs squarely with the federal government, but for some reason the feds refuse to protect us. Not only have they failed to protect us, but they have aggressively fought against anyone who would defend us. Why? Maybe Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) can shed some light on the question.

Senator Menendez in an interview today essentially admitted that the lawsuit against Arizona was about securing Latino votes for the Democrats. This is deplorable to say the least. If it doesn't elicit disgust within you, then you've probably just gone numb.

Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois is currently on trial; he's accused of essentially selling Barack Obama's state senate seat, left vacant when he moved to the presidency. Blago could receive upwards of 400 years in prison if found guilty. Apparently selling government appointments is bad, yet here we have a U.S. senator admitting to bribing an entire ethnic group, at the expense of America's safety, and there's no ensuing outcry.

Polls indicate that around two-thirds of Americans support the Arizona law, which, by the way, does not deviate from federal law itself. Despite this overwhelming support the Obama administration, which has done almost nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigration, has snubbed its nose at the American people.

If someone climbed your back yard fence, broke into your house and cooked a meal in your kitchen, you would demand police action. If your neighbor broke into your garage and took your car for a joy ride he would face legal repercussions. If someone broke into your house in order to steal your valuables, you would absolutely have the right to defend yourself using lethal force. If that same robber shot your spouse he would face serious prison time.

If you are an illegal alien invading America's borders, President Obama has now given you carte blanche to do as you please. Don't worry, there's nothing I can do to stop least not without being arrested for violating your rights.

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