Saturday, August 28, 2010

Got my gun, got my fishing pole!

Got my hunting license last week, and today I got my fishing license. I'm now ready to grunt like a man, fight the elements and swat voracious entomological beasties, all for the purpose of putting grub on the table. Okay, that's a little melodramatic, but at least I'll feel manly about it.

Not sure about my prospects for success. I went fishing today with a friend so that he could teach me a thing or two. I had a great time but only caught a glimpse of a fish when a bald eagle flew a few lazy circles near us, then with the greatest of ease dove into the lake and retrieved dinner for four. We, however, were consigned to starvation.

I did indeed glean important angling instruction today, and now I'm eager to test my abilities. Stay tuned; pray for Maine's fish population because I'm taking no prisoners!


  1. Ya know what they say... give a man a fish, he'll eat it for dinner with his wife; teach a man to fish and his wife may never see him again! Shame on your friend!

  2. Me hunter fisher man! Me bring home food!